BTC123 & B91 Global Tour – VIETNAM STOP

B91 Announces Launch of its B91 Wallet and Upcoming Public Chain Mainnet Launch as It leads the Entry in a New Payment 5.0 Era

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B91 Announces Launch of its B91 Wallet and Upcoming Public Chain Mainnet Launch as It leads the Entry in a New Payment 5.0 Era

  • B91 reveals exciting development plans in anticipation of its payments public chain mainnet launch in September 2019
  • B91 to unveil new exciting features for its B91 Wallet starting with its P2P Lending feature in Q3 and Q4 2019

HO CHI MINH, 10 AUGUST 2019 —  BTC123 & B91 are definitely not showing any signs of slowing down as they arrived at the second stop of their Asia Tour, Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), to discuss a new era of payments they call “Payment 5.0.”

The community meetup event with its theme of Into the Future of Payments 5.0, brought together the Malaysia crypto community to discuss if the world is truly ready for the Payment 5.0 Era. The event took place on 10 August 2019 at Grand Eastin Saigon Hotel and saw a strong crowd of 150 people.

Entering A New Payment Era

In today’s day and age, more and more economies are becoming digital and cash is slowly becoming irrelevant and inconvenient. In many parts of southeast Asia, smart payment giants such as AliPay and WeChat are making wallets and payments completely digital, But with the growing trend of cashless payments comes a growing concern for consumer security, with cyberattacks becoming more and more complex and tech giants mishandling or failing to secure their user’s data. On top of this, increased convenience in a centralized payment environment leads to stricter controls on the money of the users, meaning that they lose control over their money and do not have the freedom to pay who they want, where they want.

B91 Payments aims to leverage their innovative payment public chain and smart contracts to create a revolutionary payment ecosystem that gives users the best of both worlds: privacy & security coupled with the incredible convenience of smart payments. B91’s public chain utilizes SPoS (Supernode Proof of Stake) Technology, the latest and most innovative blockchain technology, to solve everything that’s wrong with the payment industry today.

Our payment ecosystem will consist of a secure digital asset wallet, an international Visa bank card, a merchant network with POS smart terminals, branded ATMs for quick deposits and withdrawals, and also a state of the art P2P lending platform that makes lending and borrowing easier than ever, allowing for high yield interest rates far beyond what banks can provide.

Rob Davis, the CMO of B91, explained the significance of SPoS by saying, “The SPoS consensum mechanism was our first choice because it improves on its predecessors in every way and allows for unlimited scalability, high liquidity, improved security, and of course, the ability to incentivize and reward users within our ecosystem, providing a healthy equilibrium in which everyone is treated fairly, which gives the power back to the users.”

Rapid Growth & Plans For Global Expansion

While B91 is growing at a rapid pace in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and other Southeast Asian countries, we are laying the foundation for global expansion across the world. We plan to use the capital we have raised over the past two months to aggressively expand into the overseas market, through strategic partnerships with various established companies, to ensure we are compliant in any jurisdiction that we operate in. Currently, we have plans to expand to South Korea, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, The United States, and select European countries.

B91 Token

B91 Token has been listed and is trading today on 23 exchanges globally.

For more information please visit



About B91 |

B91 is a blockchain based public chain and decentralized mobile application platform with the vision to build “A Public Chain Payment Ecosystem for the Future”. B91’s public chain offers a high performance payment architecture system to facilitate payment applications, services and transactions in a secure, transparent and decentralized ecosystem. Its mobile based DApps offer a comprehensive list of digital wealth management services and applications that make everyday payments and management of crypto assets convenient and simple.








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